Fatboy Slim’s New Scholarship Boosts Brighton’s Budding Musicians

Fatboy Slim at the BIMM ceremony2

Fatboy Slim's New Scholarship Boosts Brighton's Budding Musicians

Fatboy Slim applauding at the BIMM ceremony


Brighton’s music scene is about to get a significant boost, thanks to the legendary DJ, Fatboy Slim. Known to his friends as Norman Cook, the renowned music maestro has just launched a scholarship in partnership with Martlets, aimed at helping underprivileged students break into the music industry.

This exciting announcement was made at the British Institute of Modern Music’s (BIMM) graduation ceremony at the Brighton Dome. The Fatboy Slim Martlets scholarship will provide underrepresented students with the opportunity to study at the university, fully funded.

Cook, who was honoured with an honorary fellowship from BIMM for his indelible mark on the music industry, expressed his joy and fulfilment at the opportunity to give back to his city. He highlighted the importance of the arts, music, and his role as an ambassador for Martlets hospice, as key influences in his life.

The scholarship, set to commence in the 2024/25 academic year, is not just about financial support. It’s about opening doors to the creative industry for those who might otherwise find them closed. It will cover the full three years of tuition fees for one undergraduate at BIMM, specifically benefitting candidates from low-income households or underrepresented groups in the creative industries.

Cook’s partnership with Martlets is not a new one. The DJ has supported the charity for several years, and his involvement will extend to the selection process for the scholarship.

This initiative is a testament to Cook’s commitment to nurturing local talent and his dedication to Brighton’s unique and vibrant music scene. It’s a move that Professor Louise Jackson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at BIMM University, is thrilled about, citing Cook’s substantial impact on music and his philanthropic work, particularly his support for Martlets Hospice.

In a city that thrives on its arts and music, this scholarship is a beacon of hope for aspiring musicians. It’s a chance for Brighton’s hidden talents to shine, thanks to Fatboy Slim’s generous contribution to the city he loves.

Image Credits: BIMM Institution



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