Brighton Welcomes New Family-Run Filipino Restaurant

Brighton’s food scene just got a little more exciting with the opening of a new Filipino restaurant, Filipino At The Avenue. Located in the vibrant Kemp Town, this family-run eatery is the brainchild of ex-nurse, Junjun Medran, who has swapped his scrubs for an apron to “spread love” through his culinary creations.

After dedicating 28 years to nursing, Junjun decided it was time to pursue his other passion – food. His journey into the restaurant business isn’t a solo venture, though. The entire Medran family, all ex-nurses from the Philippines, have joined forces to bring authentic Filipino cuisine to the heart of Brighton.

Head chef Mario, Junjun’s brother-in-law, will be leading the kitchen alongside sous-chef Ava Medran, Junjun’s sister and Mario’s wife. Other family members, including Junjun’s sisters Aira and Melissa, and his wife Cindy, will also be part of the restaurant team.

Junjun’s transition from nursing to the restaurant industry was inspired by his late parents. “My dad kept telling us siblings, who were four nurses who all worked for the NHS at the time, that if you are given an opportunity to do something make sure you give your heart and be happy doing it,” he said.

The menu at Filipino At The Avenue is a celebration of classic Filipino dishes. From gambas and beef tapa to spring rolls and calamari, there’s something to tantalise every taste bud. And let’s not forget the desserts – halo halo and turon are just a couple of the sweet treats on offer.

Junjun and his family are no strangers to Brighton. They previously worked at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, making their new venture a true testament to their love for the local community. So, if you’re in the mood for a culinary adventure, why not pop in and experience the warmth and flavours of the Philippines right here in Brighton?

Image credit: Filipino at The Avenue


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