Brighton Locals Reveal Their Favourite Street Names

Step into the charming lanes of Brighton, as we journey through the city’s most beloved street names, as revealed by its residents. This vibrant seaside city, known for its unique character and quirky charm, has a plethora of streets that hold a special place in the hearts of locals.

The Argus recently asked Brighton’s residents to share their favourite street names, and the responses were as diverse as the city itself. From the famous “Quadrophenia Alley”, named after the Brighton-based cult film, to the nostalgia-evoking “Old Shoreham Road”, each street has its own story to tell.

“Quadrophenia Alley” holds a special place in the city’s cinematic history. Last year, actors Phil Daniels and Gary Shail unveiled a blue plaque in the alley, where the classic 1979 film was shot. The film, based on The Who’s 1973 album of the same name, is fondly remembered by locals like Victoria Rossiter.

Christopher Rose, another Brighton local, chose “Old Shoreham Road” as his favourite, reminiscing about the childhood memories associated with the long stretch of road.

Some street names evoke personal memories. Yvonne Burgis chose “Florence Road”, named after her great aunt, while Julia Charman’s favourite is “Ingham Drive”, named after her grandfather.

“Dyke Road” and “Coronation Street” were also popular choices. A few years ago, “Dyke Road” was mistakenly banned from Facebook for being “hate speech”, but the error was quickly rectified.

Interestingly, some residents chose roads leading out of Brighton, such as the A23, A27, and M23, in a playful nod to the city’s lively spirit.

These beloved streets of Brighton, each with their unique histories and personal connections, truly reflect the city’s charm and character. Whether it’s a trip down memory lane or a walk through cinematic history, these streets hold a special place in the hearts of Brighton’s residents.


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