Brighton and Hove Bakeries Among UK’s Best

Brighton & Hove residents, rejoice! Four local bakeries have been named among the best in the UK by the prestigious French ranking and restaurant guide, La Liste. The Flour Pot Bakery, Julien Plumart, Real Patisserie in Brighton, and Sugardough in Hove have all earned their spots on this esteemed list.

La Liste recently unveiled the 2024 edition of the Pastry Special Awards, highlighting 25 winners across 10 pastry categories. While only Darcie Maher’s Lannan in Edinburgh won an award from the UK, the guide also compiled a list of 3,000 of the best pastry shops and bakeries worldwide, available on their interactive map via the La Liste app.

La Liste shared, “Introducing the world’s first comprehensive list of pastry shops using a similar methodology to restaurants, the list encompasses the crème de la crème of pastry shops, bakeries, coffee shops, Afternoon teas, and dessert restaurants in more than 80 countries.” Out of the 3,000 best pastry shops and bakeries, 198 are in the UK, with four of those gems located right here in Brighton and Hove.

The Flour Pot Bakery With multiple locations across Brighton, Hove, and Worthing, The Flour Pot Bakery offers a delightful range of bread, pastries, and sandwiches. Their website proudly states, “We’re passionate about providing artisan baked goods, handmade in Brighton with skill and passion by people who care.”

Julien Plumart Located at 48 Queens Road, Brighton, Julien Plumart is described as “a little slice of France in the heart of Brighton.” Known for award-winning pastries and intricate French patisserie, everything is made by hand daily using the finest ingredients.

Real Patisserie Founded by Paris-trained patissier Alastair Gourlay and his wife Annie, Real Patisserie has several locations around Brighton and Hove. Their commitment to quality ingredients and authentic baking has made them a local favourite.

Sugardough Situated at 5 Victoria Terrace, Hove, Sugardough offers a variety of items, including pies, homemade tarts, and croissants. Their traditional bakery allows customers to watch everything being made from scratch, with the option to eat in or take away.

Celebrate the local talent and treat yourself to some of the best pastries and baked goods in the UK, right here in Brighton and Hove!


Image: Mink Mingle / Unsplash


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