Harry Mishon


  • Service Areas: Hove,Brighton
  • Specialties: Residential House Sales

Property Types

  • 51% House
  • 46% Flat/Apartment
  • 18% Detached
  • -15% Other

Property Status

  • 41% Sold
  • 36% Under Offer
  • 23% For Sale

Property Areas

  • 39% East Sussex
  • 33% Hove
  • 10% Brighton
  • 18% Other

About Harry Mishon

Us estate agents are unfortunately given a bad name and it’s not a brush I like to be tarnished with (!) – However, houses have to be sold right? Luckily, I’ve got a real passion to do exactly that and in Brighton & Hove we’re lucky to have so many amazing homes which feed my interest even more so! We want to cut the cord of conventional estate agency and convey that we are real, genuine people that take great pride in what we do and are committed to continue building on our unique brand within this wonderful city.

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    Smart & Well Informed

    Just moved here and looking to buy. After shlepping up and down Church Road in Hove trying to find an estate agent willing to take the time to give me local advice, was about to give up I finally stumbled into Mishon Welton. Harry Mishon and the whole team were brilliant. Smart, well informed and a blast to work with. We went through which areas suit me best, what I can expect to pay and local pitfalls to look out for, and the mortgage broker Nigel was the first one I’ve found who got it and could help me out. But more importantly they were the only estate agent on the street who seemed to give a s**t !! Brilliant. work with them if you can:)

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    Mr W

    Harry. What a guy! I recently sold my property in Hove via Harry at Mishon Welton. He provided a first class service from start to finish. I cannot recommend highly enough. With regard to viewings, if you are looking for quality over quantity then these are the guys to use. They clearly understand the needs of the buyers and sellers they work with.

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    Mr W

    Harry and his team absolutely deserve 5 stars! We sold our house through Mishon Welton and even before the brochure had been printed we had a full asking price offer. Our chain was particularly small but Harry managed to keep our sale (and purchase) going without a hiccup. He dealt with solicitors and other estate agents to circumnavigate problems as he saw them coming. I think our whole chain was appreciative of his efforts. We’re now happily ensconced in our new home thanks to the hard work of Harry and his team!

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    Mr F

    Bought our house through MW Hove. Harry was excellent, would happily buy or sell through them again

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